SRT0​.​5: Anxiety Attack / The Day Man Lost split CD​-​R

by The Day Man Lost / Anxiety Attack

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released August 28, 2008

Stu - Kev - Dave - Robbie

Adz - Andy - Myke - Nick



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Track Name: Anxiety Attack - Screaming
Every day I see such shit
Like the worlds gone mad
And I just don’t fit
Dog eat dog (yeah) it’s a jungle out there
But that jungle is cultivated by our selves

That’s why I feel like screaming
I have trouble believing
(why we all behave this way)

Every day I see such shit
Like the world gone mad
And I just don’t fit
Track Name: Anxiety Attack - What's With You?
What’s with you, why push me back?
Why the unprovoked attack?
No bodies business but my own
You couldn’t leave well alone

Know it all, too cool to care
Holier than thou? More aware?
Wear the right clothes, at the right gigs
Scene police, just fucking pigs
What’s with you?
What’s with you?
Track Name: Anxiety Attack - In Retrospect
Do you, remember back in the day?
You thought we had such a blast
But I'd rather consign it to the past…
In retrospect I think you’re a dick
What was I doing hanging around with you?
You talked the talk, but never walked the walk
You never had a clue
Only in it for what you got
Just looked after number 1
Well listen bud, now I can see
I’m glad that you are gone!
Track Name: Anxiety Attack - Blood Red
Hate + bombs + hate + Guns
Twisted bodies = some one’s sons
The wounded cry, some one dies
No one cares?
Sides are taken, in the confusion
Hate breed’s hate, spare the illusion
The wounded cry, some one dies
And we all know fucking why
Red blood, blood red
Bad blood, bloodshed
Red blood, blood red
Track Name: Anxiety Attack - Lost Way
Domination by preppy kids, they have fuck all to say
Sterilised, lobotomised, it does nothing for me
The land of the jocks is no better, its all bravado and show
Pumped up to fuck, nowhere to go? Home springs to my mind
What happened to the freaks? People just like me?
Alienation was the common thread, that’s how it used to be
If you’ve nothing to be angry about, what are you doing here?
You're just part of the status quo, do I make myself clear?

Empty words, empty hearts
Your posturing is a mask

The kids just wanna have some fun, that’s what the people say
You take this shit too seriously, lighten up, live for today
I’m sorry but this is who I am and this is how I’ll stay
I’m still angry and fucked up and this is the only way

Empty words, empty hearts
Your posturing is a mask
Empty words, empty hearts
Your sincerity is all I ask
Track Name: Anxiety Attack - Comfort Zone
Welcome to your comfort zone
The lights are on but no ones home
Make no effort to break free
Sit and wallow in self-pity

The victim is the one to be
Just hand over your destiny
Give up trying, just go to sleep
It’s so easy; just stare at your feet

Self-fulfilling prophecy, you can't? You won't!
Shed all responsibility, you’re a fucking joke

Shrug your shoulders like you don’t care
You don’t fool me, you are aware
You are the victim that you chose to be!
Track Name: Anxiety Attack - Respect
Respect where respects due
Do you get the message?
I’m trying to get through to you
Respect where respects due
(Are you deafened by the silence?)
I’ve nothing to say to you
Track Name: Anxiety Attack - On The Rack
These four walls, closing on me
I feel like, I cant break free
Restricting, constraining, holding me back
Restraining, nerve breaking, I’m on the rack
On the rack…
Feel like I’m being crushed
Struggling to breathe
I’m gonna combust
Track Name: Anxiety Attack - Woe Is Me
You fucking brat, you talk of pain and how well you survive
Listen up you fuck, at least your lucky to have your life

Yes I’m disillusioned, but aren’t we fucking all?
You gonna wallow in self pity?
Stare at the fucking wall
Stare at the fucking wall
Stare at the fucking wall…

You’ve a roof over head and your belly’s fed
Stare at the fucking wall
You’ve a roof over head and your belly’s fed
Stare at the fucking wall
(you have so much more)

Roof, head, belly’s fed, so much more.
Track Name: Anxiety Attack - Big Mac (BBQ Chickens)
Big Mac
I need a meal, that’ll see me through
Regular size will never do
This is my favourite order
This stuff gave me bowel disorder!
Big mac stools x 4

Big Mac
I don’t care, what you think
But my ass, don’t half stink
This is the song, to get through
Please end soon, I gotta poo!
Big Mac stools x4
Track Name: Anxiety Attack - DIY Now!
Listen fuckwit, it's not just a phase
DIY is an outlook an approach to raize
The need to need, to passively take
You can't buy credibility, go out and create
DIY Now!