SRT04: Pine Barrens - Demo 2010

by Pine Barrens



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released January 15, 2011

D. SHAW - Guitars
S. RYAN - Bass
C. COX - Drums
T. D. BLEASDALE - Vocals

D. BRIDGEWOOD-HILL - Violin on 04
P. BAYLIS - Alto Saxophone on 04

Backing vocals - 01//S. RYAN; 02//D. SHAW; 03//T. BRADSHAW, D. BRIDGEWOOD-HILL, C. COX, A. DOYLE, S. RYAN, D. SHAW; 04//S. RYAN

Recorded 11-13 September 2010 and mixed September-December 2010 by M. HURLEY with assistance from T. BRADSHAW at Strangeway Studios, Manchester UK.

Photography and layout by T. D. BLEASDALE.

Additional gratitude extended to everyone who has ever put us on a gig, lent us equipment, fed us, housed us, transported us, helped us, or enjoyed us, and to everyone who does any of these things in the future.

Any questions: pinebarrensband at gmail dot com.


tags: diy Manchester


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Track Name: Kingmaker
We're on the origin of species & the endless ending of our own as those metal spires rise through the waning dusk glow. / Way past revenge for forgotten acts; overemphasis on nothing at all.

Rigged up & wronged we were all so strung along & the cross on this page marks the day democracy died.

We need fear. Need destruction. We need words of instant threat. Need the structure. Need the safety. We need proof of sewn collapse.

Nothing cuts like the cries of victims' joy & the votes are so hard to count when the difference is nothing & no-one.

If this territory looks familiar it's because we've covered this ground before! Again&again& again&again! / I know you know my voice - my throat is hurting. And I hope - I hope&I hope&I hope - you're hurting too!
Track Name: Product
Full of destructive insincerity I'm blinded by comfort but somewhere - sometime - there just has to be a limit.

You can't buy good habits when you fill the same pockets. / We've all been young. Jealous of everything. Detached by our youth. / Carbon copied but repackaged it's a beautiful disguise.

Soft focus on the hardest of times & those lips'll sell what you can't afford. Full fat body of the thinnest of lies & those hips'll sell a world that was never hers. / Re-touched but never enough. Re-touched but never - never ever enough.

I know we wanna kiss those lips but we forget the issues. We'll pick up the bills but never the misused.
Track Name: Goya I
Check that interference something new's coming in. I think we're losing track of the old transmission.

Do you understand the values of communication? Another life lost to budget cuts.

Repeated lines through different eyes. Older now but never wiser.

A line of salt like lock and key. Los Caprichos is grounded.

Never mind the billing! Art can show the villain! A Junta's processed killing & all this red blood spilling!
Track Name: Binary
Build your house on sand and it will sink. / Too much censorship. Too much mediation. There's too much bullshit set in motion. Everything is virtual - it's all illusion - but my next best escape is oh so elusive. / Build your house on sand and it - it'll sink it'll sink! / Too much censorship. Too much mediation. There's too much bullshit set in motion. Everything is virtual - it's all illusion - but just tell me - tell me tell me! - What's the cheat code? I wanna skip this level!

Bury my head I don't wanna see it. Bury my head & make me oblivious. Bury my head I can't even feel it. Bury my head this is never the way things should ever have become.

Black tape across my eyes &this fucking century no longer makes any sense to me.

What I wanna know is when will it end? Will we be dead? Will the flies survive us all? Will we be dead? Is this the final curtain call for us?